Special Edition to Celebrate our New Office for 2004.

We have launched this special edition set of a Tokugawa Incendiary Cannon and crew to celebrate our recent move into a larger and much brighter office. The set has been made by popular demand and we therefore thought for this celebration it would be an ideal time to launch it.

To cut a long story short; we actually ran out of space in our old offices towards the later half of 2003 so we had to "bite the bullet" and move! Not the easiest job as you can imagine, as we not only had to run two premises simultaneously but also provide deliveries to our customers at the same time and throughout the busiest season of the year. Building work ,as seems regrettably the normal, didn't exactly go to plan but anyway please have a look at our before and after pictures below of the new office and, we do hope you agree the move was worthwhile!

We now believe that we have enough development space for at least the next 3 years so hopefully we can bring you more exciting figures and ranges in the future and at a faster pace. Also Cynthia Young (who a lot of you have met at various shows) has joined us on a full time basis as our China Operations Director so we feel in a very strong position to go forward. Welcome aboard Cynthia!

We do apologise to all our customers and dealers that we have not been very productive for the last 6 months but as you can see from the above; we really had to make this big leap forward in order to get the business on a firm footing before going forward. In this light we would like the personally thank you all for your tremendous support over the first 4 years of the East of India Company's business and look forward to chatting with you all in the future, whether it be on the telephone, on line via e-mail and at of course shows.

Please note our new contact details going forward:

The East of India Company
25th Floor, Unit A.
Gee Chang Hong Centre,
65 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Hong Kong

Telephone: (852) 9192 7833
Fax (HK) : (852) 2552 2951
Fax (USA) : (1) 509 351 3963
E-mail orders@eastofindia.com

Enough rambling from us and onto the set and a few shots of the office!.

SCA43T shown with SCM306 (USD 50.00 available separately and not included in set).

SCA43T - Incendiary Artillery plus 5 crew, rocket box, and brazen.
Limited Edition of 100 sets. To commemorate our new office opening in 2004.
This set is packaged in a specially made yellow box and numbered by hand - USD 140.00.

Office before construction . As you can see; when you rent an office space in Hong Kong you only get the fire fighting equipment ready and installed! And maybe a window or two if you're lucky!

Office after construction . All ready to start work - far too tidy of course but this was taken on the first day of completion. It will never look like this again!

Office after construction. We messed it up on day one .. well a little bit!

Office after construction - The warehouse bit anyway! We would like to be able to say that this was our stock position after the Christmas rush of 2003! Alas this is how the warehouse looked before we finally moved the stock from our old offices!

View from the office. - Sadly a day like this is rare in Hong Kong. The pollution gets worse on a yearly basis as factories in southern China continue to blow smoke our way.