54mm Connoisseur Style Figures from the Warring States Period of Japanese History

New Sets for Spring 2001 - Release 2.

All sets pictured are now in stock.

3 New Daimyo join the Campaign.

Ii Cavalry Reinforcements Arrive.
Pictured - SCC507, SCC508, SCC506, SCC509.

Ii Naomasa (1561-1602), a trusted retainer of Tokugawa Ieyasu, always dressed himself and his army in red armour, and became known as the 'Red-Outfit'. Ii was well known for his courage and in most battles would usually be found where the fighting was at its most intense. This was especially the case at the battle of Sekigahara (1600), where he led the by-then infamous "Red Devils" in the opening charge of the battle. As normal they struck fear into any enemy who saw them. As part of the Shogun Collection we now have 4 different Red Devil Cavalry and Ii Naomasa himself. To order these figures to add to your collection please either contact us directly or one of our listed dealers.


SCD207 Uesugi Kenshin Terutora. - USD 31.00
SCD208 Kuroda Nagamasa. - USD 31.00

SCD209 Ii Naomasa. - USD 31.00



SCC508/SCC509 Cavalry of Ii Naomasa's "Red Devils". - USD 65.00 (each)

SCC510 Mounted Daimyo. - USD 65.00

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