54mm Connoisseur Style Figures from the Warring States Period of Japanese History

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Front Cover of Issue 28 (Feb-Mch 2000)
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Customer Comments.


I wanted to congratulate you on the quality of your figures and the great packaging. I have been collecting for over 40 years and this is the best start-up I have ever seen. Please let me know what other sets/figures are available including the Daiymo so I can place another order.

Do you intend to visit any shows in the USA or put on dealers here. My company has an office in Buckingham so I will be visiting the UK this summer, maybe we can meet. I am going to do several dioramas from this period, certainly Sekigahara and a castle siege (I have already commissioned the building) so keep me posted on new releases.

Thanks again, R.S. (NY USA)

Hello Ken,

The parcel arrived here this morning (that was incredibly quick) and your figures are absolutely amazing. They are among the best model soldiers I've ever seen. The packing was great, nothing appears to be broken at all.

Best Regards , S.D. (Canada)

Dear Ken,

The shipment arrived safely and in perfect condition. The figures are stunning! Amazing detail. Has me rushing for my source books but my guess is you have been there first! Just as good as the photographs. The weapons are great, love the naginata and the katana. I'm afraid that one of my standing Ashigaru aquebusier came without his katana. Could you please send one? Thanks for the fence! The whole presentation, boxing etc is very up market. Packaging was great which is very important with such beautiful figures if they are to make the journey.

The only surprise is that the figure size is on the big side of 54mm, which you might want to mention in your material, but it allows some great detail, even the bore in the arquebus, very clever.

Congratulations! M.S (CA USA)

(M.S. Received the missing sword by return mail. TEoIC)

Hello Ken!

Just got your shipment of figures...WOW!!

I had fallen in love when I had seen the pictures but these figures are BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!

The figures arrived in great shape and just I loved the boxes! Very well packed. The boxes are as unique as the figures! Again WOW! Now I have to go back to the list and see what else I HAVE to order. These are the finest miniatures I have seen to date.

Again congratulations. And by he way the movie Samurai Banners was Excellent!

Best Regards E.G. (Guaynabo, PR)

Dear Ken,

I have unpacked the new sets.The painting for theses sets is particularly outstanding. My favourite is SCD 218 although my family finds it too gruesome.

I have added some of the sets to my samurai display but unfortunately it is getting overcrowded. My display cabinet resembles crowded Shibuya at rush hour!! .Having said that, it will not deter me from adding your new sets as and when they are released. I will find a solution.

Thank you for your superb service and for continuing to fascinate my family with your excellent connoisseur toy soldiers.

Regards S.C. (Singapore)


To my amazement and delight your package arrived from Hong Kong by the morning post today. It's taken me longer to get post from Dublin - which is 20 miles down the road!

I just wanted to stress again how much I like the new figures. I regard them as probably the best single purchase I've ever made. If I could afford to, I'd buy every figure you produce.

Keep up the good work. I'd like to stay in touch - though it may well be Christmas before I'm in a position to order from you again. Please keep me informed of any developments at East of India.

Best Regards P.M. (Rep. of Ireland)

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