54mm Connoisseur Style Figures from Ancient Rome, Greece & Persia, Japanese History and Colonial Times.

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The Palisade Fence - Nagashino 1575.

The Palisade Fence - Nagashino 1575.
Diorama consists of set number: SCA10T (X2), SCA13T, SCA14T, SCS01T, SCD208, SCC510 & SCM301 (X3). Available Now!
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The heydays of the Samurai, Japan's military aristocracy, were the periods known as Sengoku and Momoyama Jidai. These turbulent times in Japanese history, from the mid 16th to the early 17th century, are commonly referred to in English as the Warring States Period or the Age of Battles.

The period covers:
  • The many battles of Kawanakajima between Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin (1553-1563)
  • The fall of the Ashikaga shogunate (1573)
  • The battle that marked the decline of the once powerful Takeda clan at Nagashino (1575)
  • The ultimate conflict at Sekigahara (1600) which led to the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate (1603).

The East of India Company is manufacturing an extensive range of hand cast miniature figures to cover this exciting period in world history. Each figure in our range has been meticulously researched to provide highly accurate historical detail and then finely painted to a connoisseur finish to add to your collection.

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