54mm Connoisseur Style Figures from the Warring States Period of Japanese History


The following dioramas formed part of our room display at the Westcoaster show in California in March 2001.
The pictures were taken using the camera's built in flash and therefore are not of the best quality! We hope to retake them when time permits ( and without the wallpaper background!) along with other display ideas in our studio in the near future.
All scenic items and bases are available from JG Miniatures.

Defending the Bridge - Consists of Sets SCC506, SCC507 & SCA22M.

Mori Archers - Consists of Sets SCA01M, SCA03M, SCA04M, SCA21M, SCM302M & SCS01M.
Also all figures are available as Ashigaru of the Tokugawa Clan.

Tokugawa Arquebusiers - Consists of Sets SCA10T, SCA13T, SCA14T, SCA15T, SCM301& SCS01T.
Also all figures are available as Ashigaru of the Mori Clan.

The Tokugawa Encampment - Consists of Sets SCD201, SCD202, SCD203, SCD204, SCD206, SCA31T, SCF400, SCF401 & SCF402.

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