54mm Connoisseur Style Figures from the Warring States Period of Japanese History

New Release - Fall 2001.
Siege Artillery

Cannon arrived in Japan in 1551 when the Portuguese presented two of them to Otomo Yoshizumi as a gift. There were attempts to copy them but the Japanese never learned to manufacture them to the same quality found in Europe. Consequently foreign ships and Chinese foundries provided much of the artillery for Samurai armies. Artillery showed up many times in sieges and at Osaka castle in 1615 Tokugawa used over 300 to bombard the defenders.

Our first two artillery pieces are now available to add to your collection. The first resembles one of Chinese manufacture and is mounted on a converted European carriage whilst the second is a Portuguese naval cannon mounted on a carved wooden Japanese style base. Both models are based on examples found in the Tokugawa museum in Nagoya and come with either a Tokugawa (blue) or Kato (green) ashigaru crew.

SCA40T with Cannon SCA41
Tokugawa Clan SCA40T/SCA41. - USD 120.00

SCA40T with Cannon SCA42
Tokugawa Clan SCA40T/SCA42. - USD99.00

SCA40K with Cannon SCA41
Kato Clan SCA40K/SCA41. - USD 120.00

SCA40K with Cannon SCA42
Kato Clan SCA40K/SCA42. - USD99.00

The Original Artillery Masters

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