New Samurai for release Spring 2002.

Designed by us and sculpted here in Hong Kong by TEoIC these master figures were painted by the very talented model soldier artist and Japanese historian Till Weber, in his studio in Japan. All the sets shown are now ready for dispatch.

Toyotomi/Tokugawa Duel

To launch our new series of dueling sets we have pitted a lone Tokugawa samurai against two Toyotomi adversaries. Good odds; at the battle at Komaki-Nagakute (1584) the odds were almost 3 to 1 against Tokugawa!

These clans fought each other in many campaigns, the most famous engagement of all being the massive battle at Sekigahara (1600) where Tokugawa Ieyasu defeated Toyotomi and the Western Allies and in 1603 became Shogun of Japan. In the Winter Campaign (1614) and the Summer Campaign (1615), against Osaka, the clans fought for the last time and the remainders of the Toyotomi clan were destroyed forever.

Naturally this set can be displayed by itself or as part of a larger diorama and in fact the figures can also be used as allies. At Nagashino (1575) they fought together under the great Oda Nobunaga!

SCS04 Toyotomi and Tokugawa Samurai Duel (Front). - USD 85.00.
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SCS04 Toyotomi and Tokugawa Samurai Duel (Rear).

Saiga Arquebusiers

The region of Saiga was situated on the major trading route between Osaka and Sakai. Consequently the merchants there became so wealthy from the China and Europe trade that they were able to exploit the latest ideas and technologies from abroad. This resulted in Saiga becoming one of Japan's first gun producing locations. The Saigas became not only skilled in producing these weapons but also extremely proficient in their use and were hired out as arquebusier mercenaries to Daimyo at high price. For tens year they became one of the major obstacles to Oda Nubunaga's ambitions on ruling Japan.

Our new range of Saiga figures wear the distinctive bachi helmet of this region and the top emblem is inscribed with the sanskrit words for battle, love and killing from ancient Indian religious texts. The red sashimono flag of the arquebusier company has a black three legged crow design.

Left - Figure made exclusively by us for Toy Soldier & Model Figure Magazine.
Available through the magazine directly.
Right - SCS05 Saiga Arquebusier Commander. - USD 31.00.

Figure made exclusively by us for Toy Soldier & Model Figure Magazine.
Saiga Arquebusier Back View

SCS06 (3 Figures Left) & SCS07 (3 Figures Right) Saiga Arquebusiers. USD 85.00 (Each Set).