New Releases - July 2003.

We are pleased to announce the release of the following sets which are now all the stock.

The Shogun Collection.

Ashigaru Camp Sets..

SCA50T - Ashigaru Camp Set #1 (Eating) Tokugawa Clan - USD 225.00.

SCA51D - Ashigaru Camp Set #2 (Smoking) Oda Clan - USD 175.00.

SCM307 - Set of 3 Rice Sacks (figures NOT included) - USD 25.00.
For details of the figures in the picture above - Click Here.

Samurai "Bazookas".

Oda Nobunaga is credited as one of the first daimyo to recognize the worth of the arquebus. Although the weapon was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese in 1542, it was not used effectively until the battle of Nagashino in 1575. During this campaign Nobunaga deployed 3000 ashigaru arquebusiers on the battlefield. Protected by wooden fortifications and using a rotational firing system to excellent effect, he overwhelmed a much larger Takeda army and emerged victorious.

After Nagashino all daimyo and their samurai retainers recognized its usefulness almost immediately and it took very little time for local craftsmen to start making them for samurai.

This set, which will soon be available directly from ourselves and our dealers, shows samurai wielding the largest handheld version of this weapon. Larger versions were manufactured but due to the massive recoil had to be fired from either a carriage or supported by rice sacks. The original weapons can be seen in the Tokugawa museum in Nagoya. The masters were painted by the very talented Till Weber in his studio in Japan.

SCS09 - Samurai "Bazooka" Team (front) - USD 75.00

Samurai "Bazooka" Team (rear).

The photographs which inspired the poses for this set.